Workshop Details

Experiential Learning: Towards developing leaders

Experiential Learning (EL) is an important aspect of life, especially for engaging in multi-sector partnerships to tackle complex challenges/issues/situations. It is through these experiences in life that an individual builds the skills of observation, introspection, reflection and execution. The knowledge, insights and lessons learned through this process from diverse backgrounds has the potential to solve a problem more efficiently and effectively. Today, EL is recognized as an essential fulcrum to inculcate values, and build character for developing leaders who can serve people with a lasting impact on society.
Through the workshop, the importance of EL will be highlighted by multi stakeholders like NGOs, Corporates, Academia, and Social Enterprise.
They will share:

  • Methodology and facilitation process to enable, empower, sensitize and build leadership qualities.
  • Sustaining these leaders to transform communities towards sustainable growth and progressive society?
  • Innovative ways to develop responsible mind set, comprehend local and global relevance, share cultural learning and build communities?
  • Interested participants are requested to register online by 25th November, 2018


    Anjali Wazir
    Head- Community Relations
    Tata Power

    Devika Mahadevan
    Head of Strategy and Communication
    Mann Deshi

    Dr. Nirja Mattoo

    Dr. Sarika Kulkarni
    Founder & Trustee
    Raah Foundation

    Dr. Smita Shukla
    Professor and I/c Director
    Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute for Financial and Management Studies,
    University of Mumbai

    Integrating PRME Competency Model in Management Education for Sustainability
    (in collaboration with UN Global Compact Network India)

    United Nations advocated for more “responsible” management education in the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME). As we are aware the current management education largely focuses on competitiveness and profits rather than on a balance among profitability, social accountability, responsibility and sustainability. During recent years there have been unprecedented challenges affecting global economy which call for paradigm shift in management education to develop competencies among future managers for responsibility and sustainability. The workshop is meant for faculty who are interested in developing sustainability competencies and integrate these into the curriculum or those who wish to get inspired for responsible management education, Interested participants are requested to register online by 25th November, 2018.


    Prof. Radha R. Sharma
    Centre for Positive Scholarship
    for Organisational Sustainability,
    Chair Professor, OB, MDI Gurgaon