Colloquium Details

The full day Doctoral Colloquium will give opportunity to PhD/FPM students to present their research to other students and experts in the field. This will be held on December 12th, 2018.

PhD colloquium for doctoral candidates

  • The Colloquium committee will select approximately 25 participants who will be expected to participate in peer-review exercises, give short, informal presentations of their work during the Colloquium, and follow it up with extensive group discussion.
  • Faculty members at institutions in India and abroad would be invited as discussants for each of the shortlisted papers. Each paper invited for full-fledged presentation would be assigned a discussant.
  • The conference is designed to ensure focussed discussions among the doctoral student participants, faculty discussants and other academician invitees on each paper.


    We are hoping to offer some financial support to doctoral colloquium participants. The details of this support will be announced in the future. Women participants are strongly encouraged to apply.